Getting Started

Once you have had a chance to review the information in our website you will want to start attending classes. We have included a few points on what you need for your first class. Please feel free to come down to the club and introduce yourself to any of our members and tell them that it is your first day. You will be introduced to the instructors teaching the class.

Student Guide   DOWNLOAD  

Why practice karate? What’s the club history? Karate manners? Fundamentals? Any other questions? See our Student Guide. Sure it’s somewhat outdated but it will still guide you as you get started.


For the first several months of practice suitable attire is a t-shirt and sweat pants. Please ensure that you bring a bottle of water to class with you. When you come to class you will see many people who are in Gi’s (the traditional costume for people practicing karate) however a Gi is not mandatory until your first test (usually in about 3-6 months)


We are a not-for profit organization and we hope that once you have experienced a class that you will want to join. We invite all new beginners to attend 5 classes before paying the monthly fee so you have a good chance to see what fun everyone is having.

Waiver   DOWNLOAD  

As with many physical programs available today, we do have a waiver. Please download and print off the PDF file, then complete and bring it to class.


We accept anybody eight years of age and older.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions regarding the club please call or contact us via email.

Email To: Lynne Fisher
Email Address:  [email protected]W